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Take Advantage of a Done For You DevOps Engineering Talent Recruitment Service.

We recruit the best DevOps talent, set them up in Mauritius & manage projects based all around the world

We simplify the process of adding pre-vetted DevOps talent to your team for both long and short term projects.

Mauritius connects Talent to the world

Let us help you achieve your desired results

  • Make hiring easier 
  • Take advantage of the rich talent pool
  • Never have to worry about staffing issues again

DevOps Official

DevOps Official is a company that specialises in niche talent recruitment for the DevOps engineering sector. Our goal is to help clients meet their expectations, achieve their objectives, and scale their startups or organisations.

We are based in Mauritius and offer startups or organisations the unique opportunity to help connect them with the right talent at the right cost all while helping them manage their projects. 

What We Do

We are committed to helping organisations find and hire the right DevOps engineers whether you have short or long-term objectives. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people achieve the level of success they want by connecting them to the right people.

Build Your Dream DevOps Team On Demand

Put together the teams you need as you need them to achieve your outcomes

Hire staff quickly and effectively.

Whether you need someone for one month or longer, we can help you fill that gap quickly.

Top tier
staff options.

We only work with the best and all staff are subject to rigorous testing and vetting

New working

We will manage the process for you and project manage your requirements as you need them when you need them

Why Use Us To Help You Recruit

Recruiting DevOps engineers is not the easiest thing to get done because it represents such a fundamental change to the traditional structure of IT. From adopting new technology to managing organisational challenges, it can be daunting for companies to take on this task to find the right person but also to achieve the outcomes they want.

Having a team that works in your best interest and knows how to look for the right skills needed to take on the field of DevOps engineering is something you will stand to benefit from for years to come. Hire the right way, the first time - it’s the only way to do it, we think.

We’ll help you find the right team or person who seamlessly integrates with your organisational goals and company culture.

We will take care of all your hiring needs all the way from Mauritius from recruiting the talent to set them up in our professional base. With high-speed internet and the facilities to provide world-class results, using us just makes financial sense in the long-run

What makes us able to help

We have 2 years of experience in the design and implementation of APIs with core languages and our DevOps talents are prepared to lead or be part of a team of engineers.

Along with previous experience, our talents are constantly evolving as new tools are released into the market. This ensures that they are up to date and are able to showcase excellent technical skills and technical solutions. 

Our DevOps talent roles include:

  • DevOps Engineers / Consultants / Managers
  • Platform Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Automation Engineers / Architects
  • Build Engineers
  • Release Managers

You could hire yourself
but would you hire the right people?

How We Work

Book Your Meeting With Us

We’ll organise a meeting with you for us to understand your technical requirements, budget requirements, and your general work culture as well as what your perfect hire should have

Connect With Us

Once we know what you are looking for, we can then start compiling a list of the right DevOps options so we match your expectations and requirements.

Get On Board And Integrated

We will then facilitate the onboarding procedures of the DevOps you’ve chosen to help them best integrate into your team seamlessly

Long-Term Support Structure

We will stay in touch with you to make sure the quality of work is upheld and we will monitor the DevOps to ensure everyone is playing the required role.


Why do companies choose us to recruit for them?

We offer tangible solutions for companies who need to build DevOps teams but may not want to hire people from America or Europe. We take the hassle out of finding the right people and help you get your objectives met.

When can we expect matches for possible recruits?


What makes us different?

Mauritius is positioned in an ideal place to allow it to act like a hub for outsourcing staff. A gateway between Africa and the rest of the world makes project managing your work outside your office easy and achievable

Can I only hire long-term staff?

Whatever your project is, you can hire someone for one month or one year. It’s up to you and what you need.

What regions do you cover?

We generally take upfront payment via Paypal or credit card for small jobs. We provide a 100% moneyback guarantee as well.


Ready To Hire A World-Class DevOps Talent For Your Team?

Create a high-functioning virtual team that we help you manage.